Suggested Timetable for a School Visit

Timetable (approximate times)

Arr. 09:45am, (approx. time which would enable us to start at 10:00am) deposit coats and bags


Welcome & introduction to day’s activities

Divide into 2 pre-arranged groups each with 2 adults


Dress in ‘Roman’ tunics with Roman nameHandling and discussion of Roman artefacts

Archaeology and what happens before the ’finds’ appear in a museum

Pottery and metal

Library / Other Room

Dress in ‘Roman’ tunics with Roman name

Handling and sorting artefacts; ‘Pot or Not’

Looking at Samian pots and producing a suitable design

Grinding cumin using mortaria and pestle

11:15 Short outside break for snacks (weather permitting) SEE RISK ASSESSMENT.

11:30 2 groups swap activities

12:30 Lunch

1:00 Roman Soldier (all together)

1:30 approx – split into 2 groups again

Group – A stay with soldier to dress in armour for photo opportunity

Group B – activities in the Gallery area – games, colouring, mosaics, treasure hunt etc

Change over after approx 20 mins

Continue until time to leave (approx 2:30)

Other Information

Children will be provided with Roman tunic and Roman name labels for the morning session.

Please let us know of any children with special needs, eg. Aspergers/language difficulties, who may need sensitive handling/alternative activities.

If it’s possible for a school to support our little shop, this is much appreciated and helps in keeping our costs down. If an adult can look after the children’s money it saves them delving into bags when another group is working in the Gallery. Whilst small groups of children shop everyone else will be enjoying other practical activities and games; therefore any child without money will go unnoticed by classmates.

If mid-morning snacks can be separate from lunch-boxes, this saves time. From experience we find that the children can sustain their concentration till 12:30 if they have had a snack.

Activity booklets, clipboards, pencils and crayons are all provided.